Customer Services During the Pandemic

April 22, 2020

The COVID19 epidemic has also radically transformed the way customer services work. Due to restrictions, customer activity has slowed down and contact with the customers has been re-established. Due to the economic difficulties, the willingness to pay is expected to weaken, which may lead to an increase in the debt portfolio and a decrease in the number of customer inquiries. Some of the payment solutions that have worked so far have been pushed back, while other methods that have not been widely used before are on the rise, a study by Deloitte Hungary suggests.

“After the restrictions imposed due to the epidemic, personal visits to administration offices are not recommended. However, the availability of customer services must be ensured in spite of exceptional circumstances, in such a way that customer satisfaction is maintained. At the same time, there is a need to be prepared for the proliferation of problematic issues in an emergency, which can pose new challenges for customer services. In order to maintain a smooth business, it is worth assessing what risks are involved and how they can be managed,” Senior Manager in Advisory Services at Deloitte Hungary, Eszter Lukács points out.

In most businesses, customer service staff work from home. This represents a fundamental change in work culture, as managers, for example, have more limited opportunities to control their staff. In order to manage the resulting risk, when setting up a home office system, it is also necessary to ensure the introduction of IT solutions that help to monitor the quantity and quality of work performed and enable the motivation of employees working in isolation. It is extremely important that either the home office system itself or the employee control system be the best possible in terms of cyber security, as both are used to transmit sensitive personal and corporate data.

Prevalence of electronic channels In parallel with the reduction of customer service channels that require a personal presence, electronic administration methods (telephone, e-mail, chat, video calling) are gaining ground. In order to maintain business continuity, it is worthwhile to divert as many customers as possible to these channels. However, due to the increase in workload, redeployment within the company is inevitable: employees who have previously operated personal channels can be used, for example, to operate electronic solutions.


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