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Flying High in the Catering Business

Albatros Party Service caters for all senses, offering new alternatives for those who are tired of classic solutions.

Albatros Party Service is a significant and influential member of the Hungarian catering market. The company, established four years ago, constantly develops and expands the contents and themes of their menu. “Instead of the sometimes boringly repeated cold cuisine, we offer new alternatives”, says the true caterer and well-experienced owner, Attila Hegyi. “Besides Fusion menus, Finger Food snacks and the Mediterranean Tapas Bar, our open kitchen is particularly popular, as well. In the latter case, we prepare and serve most of the main courses directly in front of the guests on the spot, by the gas cooktop and grill integrated into a buffet table.
May it be a standing reception, conference catering or seated dinner party, Albatros Party Service always gives its best in every circumstance. “In line with the Hungarian and international trends, in January 2007, we expanded our classical service tableware (suitable to serve up to 2,500 people) with Italian design dinner sets”, Hegyi goes on. “In its style, this cover would make it in any trendy restaurant.” The company operates not only in Budapest, but in the countryside, as well, and they have benn commissioned abroad.

“Our current kitchen was built in 2008 and is supplied with the most modern technologies. When developing the building, the most important aspect was to provide the perfect gastronomic background for events of different kinds”, reveals Hegyi. The 620 square meter kitchen facility is equipped with refrigeration chambers, multiple cooking stations, frying and shock freezing capacity. For the employees of the company, in addition to the obligatory trainings, communication and conflict-management trainings are held. The latest professional journals are always available for their cooks and chefs. “In the past few years, demands for par excellence and quality gastronomy have increased not only among real gourmets but among the wider public too”, says Hegyi. He believes for real success, offering food merely is not enough; one has to also come up with unique gastronomic innovations. “We constantly expand our menu adapting to the traditional and the latest innovative recipes. When compiling our wine offer, besides great Hungarian classics and outstanding international wines we aimed to introduce the products of new and young wineries which we tasted with suitable courses.” Apart from improving the taste of meals, the Albatros Party Service pays particular attention on the importance of visual pleasure as well, no matter if they serve only two or 2,500 people. “At our events, guests encounter not only gastronomic but aesthetic experience as well. They will surely remember the happenings organized by Albatros.”

Réka Alíz Francisck

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