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July 21, 2017

Message in a bottle – this is the form HEINEKEN Hungária Co. Ltd. has chosen to publish the results of its latest sustainability report. It has recycled 98% of the generated waste and covers 22% of its energy consumption from renewable sources and has reduced its specific water consumption by 13.8% since 2008.

A statement by the company says these – by far not complete list of – results are due to the 10-year sustainability program 'Brewing a better world' launched in 2010.
Support for local communities, the protection of water resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, sourcing, health and safety at work and responsible drinking. These are the main areas of HEINEKEN Hungária Co. Ltd.’s sustainability strategy. The ‘Brewing a better world' program embraces the entire range of business from barley to bar.
As to why the format ‘message in a bottle’, José Matthijsse, the CEO of HEINEKEN Hungária Co. Ltd. says it is the symbol of hope, empathy and humanity.  “Our Earth and our society need to get together to preserve our planet for future generations. At HEINEKEN, we believe that we must live in a sustainable way as individuals and companies."


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