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Lufthansa to increase capacity to and from Budapest

July 27, 2017

German air carrier Lufthansa will modify its timetable and increase its number of flights between Budapest and Frankfurt. In the winter timetable, it usually has four flights a day between Hungary’s capital and Germany’s busiest airport. Starting from 11 December 2017, Lufthansa will fly on this route five times a day and will also have an adjusted timetable.

“We keep monitoring passenger needs and improve our services accordingly. This route has seen rising demand for years and the old timetable was suboptimal for many overseas passengers who failed to reach the 8:20 a.m. connection to Budapest from intercontinental flights landing in the morning hours. Our new flight from Frankfurt to Budapest will take off at 10:10 a.m. which ensures optimum connection to the passengers of nearly every long-haul Lufthansa flight”, Gábor Antal, country manager of Lufthansa Group in Hungary was quoted in a press release by Budapest Airport.

“Our return flight scheduled to take off at 12:30 p.m. is ideal for passengers who have a meeting in Germany only in the afternoon or want to transfer to an intercontinental flight leaving later during the day. Business travellers using this flight can spend their morning usefully in Hungary”, he added.

The new flight will be available every day of the week increasing the number of weekly Lufthansa flights between the two cities by 25% from 28 to 35. As a result, of all airlines serving Budapest, Lufthansa has the highest frequency on a single route.

Due to the use of Airbus A320, 320 neo and 321 higher-capacity narrow-body aircraft, seat capacity between Frankfurt and Budapest will increase to an even higher degree. As a result, Lufthansa will increase its capacity by nearly 40% on its flights between the two cities.


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