AI Knowledge Center at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Microsoft AI Knowledge Center Program in Hungary

November 13, 2019

With its AI Knowledge Center Program, Microsoft Hungary launched a strategic partnership with Hungary’s top universities, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations announced. Within the framework of this collaboration, universities will develop high-utility applications based on artificial intelligence using cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.

The strategic partnership between Microsoft and Hungarian higher education enters a new level as AI Knowledge Centers will be established in more and more top universities. This long-term professional collaboration aims not only to integrate modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or learning by using machines or the combination of these two but also to count on these technologies to deliver major societal benefits that contribute to making the daily lives of people better and easier, a press release by the company says.

AI Knowledge Centers provide the appropriate latest technologies to help the most talented students and their professional mentors implement even world-changing ideas and contribute to integrating these developments into Hungarian technology education.

AI Knowledge Centers will improve the already high standard of technology education in Hungary, increase the number of high value-added developments and improve the competitiveness of the economy through working with young professionals familiar with new technologies.

The first member of the AI Knowledge Centers Program is the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where researchers compared Microsoft FPGA-based cloud infra with traditional locally deployed GPU and CPU platforms by applying image recognition neural networks to pictures/videos recorded by drones. In the project of the University of Pécs, text-based medicine research is being developed by text data mining to process hundreds of thousands of opinions of medicine users. The University of Debrecen’s Clinical Center investigates predictable complications of diabetes by analyzing a large data of diagnostic results. The AI Knowledge Centers initiative was also joined by Budapest Business School and Óbuda University. The AI Knowledge Centers program is supported by Microsoft Hungary with providing training for educators, as well as special curriculum for the educations. Moreover, Microsoft provides Azure computing capacity for teachers and students as a tryout and experiment with, using their freshly gained AI knowledge.


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