HEINEKEN to Deliver Aid Packages

April 29, 2020

The company that uses its freed-up logistics capacities to deliver the packages also supports the work of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid in the event of an epidemic with disinfectant made from beer and money donation.

HEINEKEN Hungária donated 1,500 bottles of special disinfectant to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, and the large company also helps the work of these ecumenists during the epidemic situation with its national logistics capacity and monetary donation.

As Márta Pálfalvi, Director of Corporate Relations at HEINEKEN Hungária, pointed out, "in addition to the disinfectant produced in a special way, one of the largest breweries in Europe also offers national logistics capacity. This will help the work of the National Aid Center of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid , such as the nationwide delivery of the donation packages compiled by them."

Many of the company’s employees volunteered for the job. The Soproni brand also contributes HUF 2 million to overcoming the challenges of the crisis, and they also offer a large amount of non-alcoholic radler drinks that can be placed in food packages, Márta Pálfalvi added. Kristóf Gáncs, the communication director of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid called the company's years of committed support exemplary, emphasizing that “in addition to long-term collaborations, fast, tangible assistance is now becoming more valuable. By taking over the delivery of packages, HEINEKEN also enables us to help even more people in need.”

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid does not let go of those in need even in the event of an epidemic, and even performs a number of extraordinary tasks. The work of the aid organization, which is also carried out in an epidemic situation, and its extraordinary tasks can also be supported FROM HOME: by donating with a bank card on the website and on the account number 11705008-20464565 with the designation 'coronavirus'. By dialing the donation line 1357, the work of 6 large Hungarian charities belonging to the National Humanitarian Coordination Council can be supported with HUF 500 per call.


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