Margat Castle | Gergely Buzás

Hungary, Syria archaeology exhibition in Budapest

December 20, 2010

An exhibition displaying relics unearthed through cooperation between Hungarian and Syrian archaeologists at Syria's medieval Margat Castle has been opened in the Hungarian National Museum.

The exhibits include ceramics and other objects used mostly during the Crusades in the 12th-13th centuries, as well as models of the castle in the middle ages and a film on its reconstruction, archaeologist Gergely Buzas, the organiser of the exhibition said.

At the initiative of the Syrian government, ten Hungarian teams of archaeologists and volunteers have worked at the excavations of Margat Castle since 2007 in the framework of the Syrian-Hungarian Archaeology Mission, Buzas said.

Hungarian King Andrew II visited Margat Castle, the largest stronghold of the Knights Hospitaller, during the crusade of 1217-18, and donated a large allowance for its maintenance.


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