Indian Film Week 2017 |

Indian Film Week in October

September 27, 2017

As part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of India the Embassy of India and the Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center celebrate this auspicious anniversary by organising a variety of special events throughout the years 2017-2018. Joining the colourful repertoire on this occasion, an Indian Film Week is held between October 5 and 11, 2017 in the Puskin Cinema in downtown Budapest.

During the Festival’s seven days, the organizers present seven Hindi language productions with Hungarian subtitles for the local audience.

Bajirao Mastani (2015)

A love story of two historical figures also woven through with legends. It is set in the early 1700s and its hero is Bajirao, the Peshwa (Governor) of the Maratha Empire, who is considered the most prominent general in India’s history. He loved his wife but also married a Muslim princess…

Fan (2016)

A young man from Delhi has been living under the spell of Bollywood actor, Aryan Khanna since childhood. After winning an Aryan look-alike contest, he travels to Mumbai to meet his idol. That is where the plot thickens with an unexpected turn…

Mohabbatein (2000)

A young music teacher applies for a job in the eminent boarding school for boys in Gurukul which is run with iron fists by the dreaded principal, Narayan Shankar. The young teacher, full of life, tries to loosen the strict rules and regulations of the school...

Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

Receiving divine inspiration, a great Muslim conqueror decides to marry the daughter of a Hindu King to expand his empire and consolidate his power. Although, every nerve in the girl’s body protests against the political marriage, she agrees to marry him on one condition…

Drishyam (2015)

The manager of a cable TV service provider often chooses to spend his nights far away from the bliss of family life watching movies in his office. One day, his elder daughter receives blackmailing messages with her compromising photos from a teenager…

Sultan (2016)

Sultan’s life takes a new turn when he first catches glimpses of Aarfa, a state-level wrestling champion. Although, the girl very much likes the man coming from low social class, she wishes to marry only an accomplished wrestler like herself. So Sultan decides to win the girl’s heart…

Airlift (2016)

A successful Indian businessman living in Kuwait only looks after his own interests and he even sells out his own friends in favour of a good business. He and his circle are shocked at the news of Iraqi troops overrunning Kuwait in August 1990, when the Indians suddenly find themselves in the middle of a war zone.

Indian movies

The Indian movie industry, which has the highest annual film production figures in the world, is one of the most dynamically developing movie production machines; around one fifth of the 900-1,000 films made every year in the country is made up by the so called ’Bollywood’ movies shot in Hindi language in and around Mumbai.

These movies represent a unique colour in the world’s cinema market, as the traditional pieces called ’masala movies’ which feature an eclectic mixture of different genres is a typical Indian product not found anywhere else in the world. Its roots spring from Indian cultural traditions going back several thousands of years.

Bollywood movies are dazzlingly spectacular, colourful and present many a different genres (like romance, comedy, action scenes, melodrama) making them capable to speak to and touch all social and age groups.

No Bollywood movie is complete without music and a usually lavishly staged dance scene shot in amazing sets and venues in which the stars dazzle the audience with a huge band of background dancers all  performing in a myriad of exotic costumes.

In the past decade, Indian movies have incorporated all manners of influence coming from the West which only made the already versatile Bollywood industry even more diverse: in addition to the classic masala movies the repertoire now also offers youthful, modern romantic comedies, professionally choreographed action movies packed with special effects or satirical and realistic pieces similar to indie movies which enjoy huge popularity in western festivals.


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