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Budapest changes flag

The Budapest Municipality Assembly has approved the new flag of the Hungarian capital. The change is necessary because Budapest's current flag is very similar to that of Romania, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós argued.


The Assembly voted 21 against two (with Socialist Party representatives abstaining) for the new flag this Tuesday. The new flag will be white and edged with red, white and green triangles, with Budapest's coat of arms in the center.

When planning the modification, Mayor Tarlós said the change was necessary because "Budapest's current red, yellow and blue flag can be easily confused with the Romanian national flag." The new flags for the capital will cost Ft 10 million.

City Hall officials say the white color background symbolizes purity and neutrality while the national color triangles originating from the country's 1848-49 revolution and war of independence mean that Budapest is the capital of Hungary.

Opposition members of the Municipality Assembly objected to the fact that the leadership of the city changed the symbol of the capital without the involvement of professional and civil organizations.


Sándor Laczkó

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