The Dutch Ambassador in Budapest

Dutch EU Presidency priorities

January 21, 2016

The Dutch Presidency will work for a European Union that focuses on the essentials, on growth and jobs through innovation and for a Union that connects with civil society, the Dutch Ambassador Gajus Scheltema told a press conference in Budapest.

priorities of the Dutch EU presidency:

The Dutch Presidency will work for a European Union that focuses
on the essentials, a Union that focuses on growth and jobs through innovation,
and a Union that connects with civil society. It has four policy priorities:

Migration and international

The Netherlands is strongly committed to a common border control,
asylum and migration policy. There needs to be better local reception of
refugees in the region as well as in Europe.

Europe as an innovator and job

The Netherlands seeks to make the single market deeper and fairer.
It will focus on fewer rules and a reduced administrative burden, a better
digital market, an improved market for services, better protection for
employees in the EU, joint investment in cross-border partnerships and
competitiveness and better alignment between academia and business through open
access and better use of date.

Sound finances and a robust Euro-zone

The Dutch government believes that after the deep crisis, structural
reforms and sound budget policy are bearing fruit, and many member states are
gradually finding their way to economic recovery and rising employment. During
its Presidency, the Netherlands will work towards a stronger Capital Markets
Union, progress on structural reforms, more coordinated economic policies,
compliance with EMU agreements and initiatives for a new and reformed
multiannual budget.

Forward-looking climate and
energy policy

The Netherlands is committed to a coherent approach to issues
concerning the climate, the environment and sustainability. It is of the view
that economic goals and the responsible use of natural resources and energy can
be brought together in a future-proof model for sustainable growth. Thus, it
will work towards stimulating innovative sectors that contribute to a
transition to a circular economy, further developing a European Energy Union
and implementing the outcomes of the Paris climate conference.


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