EU popularity increases in Hungary

January 11, 2011

The popularity of the European Union has increased in Hungary with 46 percent of people stating in early January that Hungary's accession has been beneficial to the country as against 38 percent last July. These figures were quoted from a survey by Szonda Ipsos in the daily Népszabadság on Tuesday.


Research director Tibor Závecz said that EU popularity is measured monthly and it shows that Hungary's EU presidency has increased the value of relations with the block in the eyes of the people. One of the questions asked was whether Hungary is a compatible member of the EU. On a scale of 100, this stood at 35 points last July, 39 points in December and 41 points this month, Zavecz said.

Last July, 50 percent of those surveyed said that EU membership was disadvantageous to Hungary, which dropped to 42 percent in January, this year. As a result, the negative assessment of Hungary's EU membership has after a long time turned to positive, he added.



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