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India Independence Day celebrated

Dozens of guests have accepted the invitation of Mr. Gauri Shankar Gupta, the Ambassador of India to Hungary to celebrate his country's Independence Day at the Ambassador's Residence this Monday. Independence Day is considered as a national holiday in India.

It was 63 years ago that after a long struggle, India was freed from Britain's colonial rule and India's tricolor flag was unfolded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the political heir to Mahatma Gandhi and the leader of the Indian National congress that spearheaded the country's fight for independence.

Indian people believe that 15th August 1947 symbolizes the victory of Indian patriotism, which the nation got after uncertain, yet brutal struggle from the repression of British colonialism.

Independence Day is considered as a national holiday in India. The arrangement begins a month before the D-day and the roads are embellished with ribbons and Indian flags. Flag-hoisting ceremonies are executed all over India by state governments. The chief event is conducted in the capital city of India, New Delhi where the Prime Minister of India – as did Nehru as the new country’s first Prime Minister in 1947 – unfurls the tricolor at the barricades of Red Fort, which receives a salutation of 21 guns, and addresses the nation with his speech.

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