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Labour shortage a grave issue in Hungary

July 28, 2016

Hungary's manufacturing industry has been facing a shocking shortage of labour as of Q3 2016, with more than 70% of the companies surveyed reporting that the lack of adequate workforce is a hindrance to production, quotes the European Commission's quarterly economic growth report.

The service sector has likewise witnessed an increase in labour shortage, although the issue was mentioned by "only" about one-third of service providers in the latest update of the European Commission's quarterly economic growth report.

The fnancial website adds that the latest statistics have now revealed that shortage of labour is causing a setback to as many as 71% of manufacturing companies in Hungary. The index has been steadily rising for 8 quarters in a row now; the 14-point surge reported in the current update has been the greatest increase ever.

Without an exception, the region's countries have been struggling with increasing labour shortage in the manufacturing sector, however the situation is by far the worst in Hungary. Bulgaria is ranked second among the countries where a lack of workers is causing serious problems, however the issue is affecting only about a third of the companies surveyed.


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