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Australian FM at Leaders Forum in Budapest

February 23, 2018

Practice shows that female executives make the point of view of organizations more diversified as they can bring their own aspects and life experiences to discussions, the Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop pointed out at the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum working breakfast on ‘Women in leadership’ in Budapest this Thursday.

The topic of the
panel discussion was gender balance as well as women in leadership positions in
the world and in the Hungarian public sector. The voice of women should be heard,
the Minister said. She mentioned that in Australia, women’s success is celebrated:
this year, a young scientist became the woman of the year.

Julie Bishop emphasized that
women can fill any function, and their leadership role is an advantage. She
also stressed the importance of fairness at workplaces. Julie Bishop said that
although, she was the 38th Australian Foreign Minister, no woman had
ever been in this post before.

She called it a step forward that while at the introduction
of the twenty-member government in 2013, she was the only female minister,
there are now five. At her portfolio, 48% of the staff are women, she said,
noting that the private sector is not as "successful" in this respect.
She added, however, that the number of women are not as important as their role
and their influence.

She stressed that women would like to fill leading
positions not because of their gender but due to their talent and performance.
Therefore, they do not want quotas but rather change people’s mindset on this

While in the Hungarian capital, the Australian Foreign Minister met with Hungarian government officials as well the foreign ministers of the V4 countries.


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