A man cooling himself at the fountain on Budapest's Margaret Island | Noémi Bruzák /MTI

Extreme heat in Hungary

August 3, 2017

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) has warned that daytime highs could be around (or above) 40 degrees Celsius for the rest of the week, especially on Friday. Accordingly, the state secretary filling is as the chief surgeon general Hungary declared a heat alert for the entire country until August 4.

The Hungarian news agency MTI reports that according to OMSZ, the national record for August 3 was broken as 40.1 degrees Celsius was measured in Békéssamson, SE Hungary. The country's previous peak temperature for this day was 40 degrees, registered in Jászberény, E Hungary in 1927.

In the capital, until today, 37.8 degrees was the peak temperature on August 3, measured in Budatétény, SW Budaoest in 1948. This thursday, a new record of 38.7 degrees was measured in Újpest, in the north of the capital.


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