First Hungarian satellite to be launched next year

November 16, 2011

Earlier than originally planned, the first satellite made entirely in Hungary, Masat-1 may be launched into orbit on the first mission of the new Vega rocket of the European Space Agency from Kourou, French Guyana at the end of January 2012.

With support from the Hungarian Space Research Bureau, the first Hungarian satellite, the Masat-1 (Magyar Satellite) has been developed for several years at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Although, Hungarian companies have been participating in the manufacturing of foreign space objects, Masat-1 will become the first space object made entirely in Hungary. The satellite is of a mere one kilogram and is of cube shape with a dimension of 0.1 meters × 0.1 meters × 0.1 meters, a pico satellite.

This construction of this cubesat is a pilot project, serving educational purposes primarily. After occupying its orbital position, it will collect data about itself and its surrounding and forwards them to the terrestrial station for processing. It will have aboard a half active magnetic stabilization system with which the satellite’s orientation can be modified from the terrestrial station.


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