Flooding on the Hungarian-Slovenian border near Rédics | National Directorate General for Disaster Management / MTI

Floods on the Hungarian-Slovenian border

September 15, 2014

Some 370 hectares are flooded near the Hungarian-Slovenian border in SW Hungary due to heavy rains in the past week. The Kebele and Szentgyörgyvölgyi streams have exited their bed and flooded roads, lands and houses as a result of which dozens have had to be evacuated and four villages cannot be accessed on road – at least from the Hungarian side, therefore, Hungarian authorities now try to approach them from the Slovenian side.

Although, the Hungarian authorities seemed to have been surprised by the floods in Zala county, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed in parliament this Monday that the government is prepared for the floods. As he said, from Tuesday, the lion’s share of flood threats are shifted to the Mura and Dráva rivers in the region.


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