Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi | Endre Véssey / Hungarian Foreign Ministry

Hungary fully supports sanctions against Russia

April 1, 2014

The Hungarian Government will give its full support to any sanctions approved by the European Union against Russia in connection with the crisis in Ukraine, Foreign Minister János Martonyi has said on CNN, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry reports.

Hungary's policies are in line with its European partners, János Martonyi stated on a program in which he appeared with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on international news channel CNN. The Hungarian Foreign Minister was asked why Hungary had expressed concern and even possible opposition to sanctions and whether this was in connection with Hungary's wide range of trade relations with Russia.

János Martonyi said he disagreed with the claim that Hungary did not support sanctions, adding that the Council of Foreign Ministers and the European Council of heads of state and governments was unanimous in their support of the sanctions.

On the other hand, the Hungarian Foreign Minister pointed out that the third stage of sanctions against Russia should be avoided according not only to Hungary but also many other member states. The question remains how this can be done, he said. First, uncertainty regarding Russia's plans must be dispelled and Moscow must provide guarantees that the Russian army will not transgress the Ukrainian border and will not escalate the already serious crisis, he said.

Economic sanctions against Russia would affect various EU member states differently and therefore burdens should be shared fairly, János Martonyi added.


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