Disinfection of public transportin Miskolc, NE Hungary

Introduction of State of National Crisis Recommended in Hungary

March 11, 2020

The Operational Corps in charge of monitoring the Covid-19 coronavirus in hungary recommends to the government the introduction of a state of national crisis and emergency with a view to preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás announced on Wednesday in Budapest.

Talking to the government media, he said in explanation of the recommendation that the level of containment must be elevated. He added that the government will also have to decide regarding the recommendation whether, in agreement with the Austrians, they will close the borders to those coming from Italy. Hungarian nationals would be allowed in; however, they would face automatic quarantine.

The Minister said the Operational Corps also recommends to the government to ban indoor events with an audience of more than a hundred. The introduction of a state of emergency allows, for instance, the imposition of home quarantine, and provides for the availability of the means and equipment necessary for the containment of the virus, he added.

Also this Wednesday, the state news agency MTI quoted that the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Physicians, Gyula Kincses who called for the government to make efforts to secure proper equipment for healthcare workers in Hungary to prevent them from contracting the new coronavirus.


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