Passenger health check at Budapest Airport

Passengers from China Checked at Budapest Airport

January 31, 2020

Based on the decision of the authorities, all passengers arriving with direct flights from China must have their body temperature checked at Budapest Airport, prior to entering the country.

The checks are performed by staff from the medical service provider commissioned by Budapest Airport, under the supervision of the Airport Police Directorate. The medical checks are implemented by means of taking the body temperature of passengers, similarly to the procedure already introduced in several other countries. In case body temperature exceeds a certain level, medical staff perform additional checks, and decide on the suspicion of infection accordingly.

Based on this, passengers can then either continue their journey, or, in case the suspicion of infection arises, they are transported to one of the medical institutions prepared for this purpose.

According to its statement, Budapest Airport says it will do everything it can to provide for the seamless operation of the airport, even with these medical checks, introduced as an extraordinary measure. Budapest Airport is in possession of all equipment and materials required to perform its obligations under applicable regulations and to support the work of the authorities. The airport operator has significant stocks of the necessary protective gear (protective clothing, gloves, masks, plastic shoe covers, etc.) and of the equipment and materials required for disinfection. Appropriate isolation facilities are also available.


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