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November 20, 2017

At the Fourth Swiss Business Day in Hungary, Swiss companies that boost Hungary’s economy await visitors with the topic of Innovation and Talent. The firms have responded about their relations to innovation in an online survey.

The Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce holds its most important business forum, the Swiss Business Day for the fourth time on November 22, 2017, this time at the Castle Garden Bazaar in Budapest. The Swiss companies that boost our country’s economy await visitors with the topic of Innovation and Talent. The companies have responded about their relations to innovation in an online survey.

Innovation and talent go hand in hand. The CEO’s of Swiss companies participating in the Swiss Business Day have said in the non-representative survey that 72% of them plan staff increases in the year 2018. The majority, 89% of the respondents would increase their staff with members who have higher education qualifications. It turned out from their responses, that six out of ten Swiss companies spend on research and development, and 53% of them are involved in talent nurturing and mentor programs.

Besides, the companies at the Swiss Business Day try to solve the issue of experienced workforce themselves; 29% of them give opportunities for university students to enter the dual educational system. As part of global initiative by a Swiss food company, a unique training program has started in Hungary in 2014, which goes beyond the business, governmental and civil sector.  Its aim is to enable young people to acquire relevant knowledge and skills before they enter the workforce, so they can contribute to Hungary’s economic growth and competitiveness.

Companies registered on the Swiss Business Day aim not only to acquire and train talented professionals, but to help them get international work experience: 50% of them provide the opportunity for their staff to gain international work experience for shorter and longer terms. A popular tool for maintaining workforce is to provide benefits. The most common benefits are commuter and training benefits – these benefits are available at 72% of the responding Swiss companies.

Many times, the advantage of innovation lies beyond statistics: a great number of people owe their health to the exceptionary Swiss pharmaceutical companies. The leaders of these companies say that clinical trials made in Hungary boost the economy greatly. They provide tax income and contributions to the general government with work that has above the average added value.

In addition, many traditional Hungarian brands was able to stay in business and develop thanks to Swiss investors, for example, the Boci chocolate or the Zsolnay porcelain. Thanks to world-class Swiss technology and the devoted work of Hungarian professionals, the best quality drills are exported world-wide from Sárospatak.


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