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Xenophobia on the rise in Hungary

May 18, 2012

The proportion of those saying that no asylum-seeker should be allowed to enter Hungary has increased by about 10% in the past five years, says a poll whose results have recently been released by the Budapest-based public opinion research institute Tárki that conducted the poll this March.

The Hungarian news agency MTI quotes Tárki as saying that five years ago 29-32% of those asked agreed with what the institute qualified as a "xenophobic position". 11% of respondents said that Hungary should open its gates to all asylum-seekers while 49% were of the opinion that each case should be judged individually.

Xenophobia has been found to be higher than average among non-voters, those planning work abroad, those with lower schooling, the unemployed, those who accumulate debts in paying their utility bills, residents of Central Transdanubian, the gypsies and voters of the extreme right party Jobbik.


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