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CEU "continues its operations uninterrupted"

October 11, 2017

Concerning its dispute with the Hungarian government, the Central European University has issued a statement, stressing that its continues its operations uninterrupted despite the new Hungarian education law dubbed as 'Lex CEU'.

The statement says "October 11, 2017 – Today is the first deadline to be met for foreign higher education institutions wishing to continue their operations in Hungary under the new Hungarian higher education law—“lex CEU.” CEU continues its operations uninterrupted. Indeed the re-accreditation of the University by Hungarian higher education authorities is proceeding as normal. As always, CEU will comply with all Hungarian regulatory processes and requirements.

The next deadline is January 1, 2018, which requires that an agreement between Hungary and New York State be in place.

In anticipation of the January 1 deadline, talks between New York State and the Hungarian government have resulted in a framework agreement that would allow CEU to remain in Budapest, continuing to issue its American and Hungarian accredited degrees. Pursuant to the New York-Hungary draft agreement, CEU and Bard College have concluded a memorandum of understanding, committing CEU to develop educational activities in the State of New York.

What remains to be done is for the Hungarian government to sign the draft agreement with New York and send it to the Hungarian Parliament for ratification so that it can acquire the force of law. We urge the Hungarian government to do so without further delay."


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