Hungarian Tax Authority boss banned from the U.S.

November 5, 2014

The President of Hungary’s tax authority NAV, Ildikó Vida, has acknowledged that she and some of her colleagues are among those state officials that were banned by Washington from travelling to the United States. She said she did not contemplate resigning.

Ildikó Vida has also revealed that she knows who else from the NAV were banned from entering the U.S. and that she had notified a government official of the ban therefore the Hungarian government was in possession of the information they have been denying they had.

Vida is quoted by as saying that she did not contemplate resigning and she called the whole procedure a "vile attack" against her and the tax authority, saying it was a barrage of accusations. As a consequence she will file both civil and criminal law suits.

The American Chargé dAffaires announced in the middle of October that the United States had banned several Hungarians suspected of corruption, including people connected to the government, from entering its territory. Analysts believe the U.S. is angered by Hungarians seeking financial gains at US companies through corruption.


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