Heineken Poster Exhibition

February 7, 2020

Any change cycle difficult? Recycling is not! “We have already done something for the planet by recycling and choosing our recyclable packaging” – this is what the extraordinary exhibition of HEINEKEN Hungária points out. The brewer's installation is free to see in front of the Budapest Aquarium Club until February 26.

The purpose of the exhibition is to use humorous, but also thought-provoking posters to tell about HEINEKEN's sustainability activities and to highlight the individual's responsibility in protecting the environment. HEINEKEN Hungária is doing its best to earn the title of the greenest brewer by reducing its specific water consumption by 23% compared to 2008, while CO2 emissions have been reduced by 50% since then. The brewer believes that a truly breakthrough success can only be achieved together with consumers, so they decided to raise awareness in an unusual way.

“With the exhibition, we want to show you what our 2010 sustainability strategy ‘Tap a better world!’ has delivered and the small things we can do at an individual level for a greener future. Things that seem small, such as the choice of draft beer or beer with a reusable bottle, or the replacement of an aluminum can, are making a big difference. The carbon footprint of a recyclable glass is one tenth of that of an aluminum can. However, if you decide for canned beer, it is worth knowing that the can is endlessly recyclable,” said Márta Pálfalvi, Director of Corporate Relations at HEINEKEN Hungária.


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