Gloomy Prospects for Domestic Tourism

May 20, 2020

While businesses in the Hungarian tourism industry very much hope that spending by domestic tourists after the coronavirus epidemic will help them survive the 2020 season, a recent poll shows that two-thirds of the people have no intention to travel from home in the summer.

For companies in tourism and hospitality, the real salvation is to lift the restrictions on travel, giving them hope to restart and survive this season. However, in the absence of a vaccine, in the shadow of a possible second wave of epidemics, foreign tourists can hardly be expected, and it seems that Hungarians will not be flooding to the hotels, either, according to a representative poll conducted by Pulzus Kutató on behalf of

66% of those surveyed say they are not going anywhere on vacation this year, but are staying home. The proportion of those planning a domestic trip is 25%, only 3% of them want to go abroad, and 6% of them want to travel domestically and abroad.

In addition to the fear of infection, the fact that the income of a significant number of Hungarians has decreased means that travel will not be the top priority for them in the near future, but to fill the family coffers or, in the worst case, to find a job, may also contribute to the not-so-encouraging numbers.


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