Hungarian Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog signed a bilateral cultural cooperation agreement with China in Beijing | László Bíró/MTI

Cultural cooperation signed with China

May 15, 2013

The Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) has issued a statement on Minister Zoltán Balog’s trip to China this week. Minister Balog signed a bilateral cultural cooperation agreement with in the Chinese capital, Beijing this Tuesday.

The agreement covers a large number of fields in culture and education, including cooperation in exchanging documents of the main state libraries, visits by heritage protection experts, music and contemporary art projects and in TV production and filmmaking, the Minister stated.

Multiplying the number of student grants is also part of the three-year agreement. The agreement covers the establishment of cultural institutes in each other’s countries, too. The Minister was invited by Beijing as part of a group of representatives of 16 Central and Eastern European countries it has been strengthening cooperation in economy, culture, tourism and other fields since 2012.

(Source: Ministry of Human Resources)


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