Hungary does not recognize Crimea elections

March 17, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairshas issued a communiqué, which states that Hungary considers illegitimate and illegal the March 16 referendum and its results in the Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine as it violates the constitution.

to the Ministry, the referendum cannot change the basic status of Crimea. The decision
on the announcement of the referendum and holding it seriously jeopardizes the
efforts of the peaceful and political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

The Foreign
Ministry reiterates its position that Hungary is fully committed to Ukraine 's
sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and asks the parties affected
in the crisis in Ukraine, to "refrain from provocative actions that could
lead to the growth of tension and use of force, including decisions threatening
the sense of security and legal safety of the national, ethnic and linguistic
minorities living in the territory of Ukraine – with particularly emphasis on Hungarians
in Transcarpathia who are of special importance for Hungary. "

communiqué urges the Russian side to avoid further steps to aggravate the
crisis, but – in order to settle the situation – start negotiations with the
Ukrainian government soon, taking advantage of the potential international mediation
opportunities on offer.


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