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Pole and Hungarian, two good friends

September 13, 2016

The Polish Ambassador to Hungary, Roman Kowalski, who is leaving his post in the near future, gave an interview to the news portal in which he explained the meaning of the expression ‘Pole and Hungarian, two good friends’ for the two peoples.

"This is not a slogan. It is indeed a unique situation when mutual empathy exists in the relations of two nations – when we just like each other no matter what," he pointed out.

"This is a friendship of two nations that regardless of politics and often in spite of particular political aims, still functions. A friendship that was tested many times by history and, what is particularly important to me, a relation that is experiencing right now its true renaissance," he added.

"To this day, I remember what a special, emotional moment it was for me when a few years ago, in the beautiful building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, I have received a very special document confirming the fact that the thousand years of friendship between our nations is from now on part of the Hungarian Heritage. Let it remain so. Let us treat this friendship not only as a gift of fate, but also as a great obligation for the future," the Ambassador said.


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