Polish Independence Day

November 10, 2011

Hundreds of guests gathered Thursday evening in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest's Heroes' Square to celebrate the Day of Polish Independence at the invitation of Poland's Ambassador to Hungary, Roman Kowalski.

In his speech, Ambassador Kowalski stressed that "Freedom has always been for us, Polish people, a motor of activity, a priceless value for which we were and still are able to sacrifice a lot. That’s why this day – an anniversary of retrieving independence by Poland has a special dimension for us. Although it is a very joyful day, it also has a dimension full of reflection. It is also a day of remembering of those who paid the highest price for Polish independence."

He added that "93 years ago Poland returned to the map of Europe after 123 years and now how symbolic is 11th November 2011 when Poland is holding the rotating Presidency in the Council of the European Union and it turns out that in many aspects in Europe we are given as an ex ample to be followed. We are proud of this and we know that today the success of Europe becomes a guarantee of our independence."


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