United States greetings for St. Stephen's Day

August 19, 2015

On the occasion of Hungary's national day on August 20th, the American Embassy in Budapest has released a statement with the congratulations sent from Washington, D.C. to the Hungarian people by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

On behalf of President Obama
and the citizens of the United States, I offer heartfelt congratulations to the
people of Hungary as you commemorate Saint Stephen’s Day this August 20th.

Today, we recall and pay
tribute to the rich history of Hungary and to the great unifier, King Stephen
I. The United States is proud to have honored his legacy by protecting the
Crown of St. Stephen on behalf of the Hungarian people after the Second World
War. This day is one of personal significance for me, moreover, as my own
paternal grandmother was from Budapest.

The strong and enduring ties
that exist between the United States and Hungry can be seen in our shared
membership in the NATO Alliance, our mutual support for a sovereign and
democratic Ukraine, our thriving economic and trade relationship, and a
multitude of familial and cultural connections. To further our common
interests, it is vital that we uphold transatlantic values including democracy
and good governance, both in our own countries and around the world.

On this special day, the
United States wishes the people of Hungary continued peace and a future filled
with prosperity and joy.


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