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Russian embargo: negligible effect on Hungary

August 12, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture says direct effects of the Russian measures on Hungarian agricultural exports are negligible, and primarily cause actual difficulties only to enterprises that export exclusively or to a major extent to Russia.

A statement by the Ministry says that figures for 2013 and 2014 indicate that products on the list of banned imports include only a minor proportion, some 30% of the products Hungary exports to Russia, and represent only 1% of total Hungarian agricultural exports.

According to the Russian Presidential Decree issued on 6 August 2014, the Russian Federation ordered a ban on the import of various agricultural and food industry products from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and Norway. The Decree is valid for one year form the date of issue, but this could change in accordance with the state of the Russian internal market.

Based on the Decree, fresh, refrigerated or frozen beef, pork and poultry, various meat products, fish, crab and other sea produce, milk and milk products, fresh, refrigerated and frozen vegetables and fruits cannot be imported into Russia.

With relation to Hungarian exports, the embargo does not affect the export of live animals, cereals and oilseeds, crop seeds, flours, wines and spirits, ornamental plants and spices, pork and poultry lard, canned meats, canned fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water or animal feeds, of which Hungary exports significant quantities to Russia.


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