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Lodz - candidate city for EXPO 2022

November 9, 2017

The Republic of Poland is a candidate for the organization of the international EXPO 2022 in £ód¼, the third most populous city of the country, on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

As the Polish Ambassador to Hungary, Jerzy Snopek told a press briefing in Budapest this Thursday, £ód¼ is the largest urban revitalization area in Europe, and the world expo would be held in its center, in the vicinity of the New Center (Nowe Centrum) and the £ód¼ Factory Town (£ód¼ Fabryczna) new multimodal railway station. Thus, the subject of the world exhibition can be presented in a living urban fabric.

He stressed that in £ód¼, you have all aspects of urban rehabilitation, while in other places, rehabilitation is usually one-dimensional: either industrial or social.

The Polish EXPO would fit in with the international smart city trend, namely, the aspiration of cities to be resident-friendly and ensure high quality of life, among other things, through balanced transport and green city as well as by providing the opportunity to spend free time in a cultured way.

Having the EXPO inside a city would be a return to the tradition of the first world exhibitions.

£ód¼  is very easy to reach: it lies in the center of Poland, at the intersection of two motorways and several railway lines; it can be served by two airports. The EXPO’s traffic is also excellent within the city (accessible via the multimodal train station, many trams and buses).

The other candidate cities are Minneapolis in the United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The winner is elected in Paris on November 15.


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