What Hungarians Missed the Most During the Restrictions

May 18, 2020

During the two months of restrictions to leave one's home, Hungarians mostly missed most cultural programs (37% - 40% among men and 31% among women) and the possibility of free shopping (34% - 37% among men and 31% among men), according to a recent poll conducted by Pulzus Kutató for the news site

Finishing on third place with 31% was the lack of domestic/foreign travel while 29% said they were missing the opportunity to visit a restaurant and/or places of hospitality. Those missing sports opportunities were polled at 24%.

The Pulzuskutató (Pulse researcher) survey was conducted by interviewing 1,000 people, the answers represent the opinion of the Hungarian adult population. This means that the data, according to gender, age, education and type of settlement, reflect the opinion of the adult population.


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