Drastic Fall in Traffic at Budapest Airport

April 17, 2020

By early April, Budapest Airport lost approximately 99.3% of its passenger traffic. Earlier, there were 320 aircraft movements, i.e. landings and takeoffs per day on average. Currently, this is just 35, of which only a few aircraft are airliners. In April 2019, the average daily passenger number (arriving and departing) was 44 000; this year, this number is just 275.

In earlier years, the Easter period was always very popular with tourists. In 2019, the airport handled 1311 arriving and departing aircraft during the 4-day long weekend, with a total of nearly 190 000 passengers. This year, there were only 1283 passengers at the airport during the Easter holiday period, between 10 and 13 April. This spring will unfortunately enter aviation history as black spring, the airport management company's statement notes.

The airport operator has decided, in accordance with the request of several local residents, to carry out the planned, necessary annual maintenance of the runways, taxiways and technical aprons during the medical emergency, when traffic has been reduced to a minimum. Budapest Airport commenced the renovation of runway I on 23 March. Due to the minimal traffic, the company decided to perform the maintenance works not in several phases, as originally planned, but in one single phase. Works were completed by the second week of April. Since then, runway I has been operational again.


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