Press conference for the Automotive Hungary exposition in Budapest's Traffic Museum | Melinda Juhász

Automotive expositions in Budapest

October 28, 2013

Hungexpo, the operator of the Budapest Fairgrounds expo site in the Hungarian capital, has announced that it will have two automotive exhibitions this November: the traditional ‘Autótechnika’ (of automobile service and maintenance) and the new ‘Automotive Hungary’ that covers manufacturing and the affiliated fields in Hungary.

At the event’s press conference in the Traffic Museum of the Hungarian capital, Hungexpo’s commercial director Csaba Siklósi said Automotive Hungary is a brand new development. There is no such exposition in this region of Europe and Hungary, which plays a leading role in the automotive industry of the region is the best place to host such an event.

One of the supporters of the exposition is the Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry (AHAI) whose managing general secretary, Csaba Kilián gave a brief overview of trends in the car industry, highlighting the importance of professional conferences accompanying this exposition. The top manager of all four car manufacturers present in Hungary (Audi, Mercedes, Opel and Suzuki) will deliver lectures, he pointed out.

There will also be a suppliers’ forum that is likely to create the possibility for over 400 contacts between businesses. A developers’ conference will complete the event whose motto is ‘Our future is the car’.

The other exposition held in parallel with ‘Automotive Hungary’ is the traditional ‘Autótechnika’ exhibition that – held every two years – will present for the public the latest achievements in vehicle maintenance, diagnostics and garage industry.


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