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Most Hungarians leave Egypt

February 4, 2011

Most Hungarians in Egypt have left the country by now, the embassy is not aware of any Hungarian citizens gotten into trouble in connection with the violent anti-government riots there, Ambassador Péter Kveck said on Friday.


More than 700 Hungarians stayed in Egypt a week ago and half of them have left since, plus many more will follow suit over the weekend. Around 90 percent of those who left were tourists in Hurghada, Alexandria and Cairo.

The Hungarian ambassador to Egypt, Péter Kveck said some 200 Hungarians, including their families, have jobs in Egypt. The majority of these people do not plan to leave, he added.

Hungary's consumer protection body said on Friday that refunds must be offered to those who had paid for trips to Egypt before the ministry included the country in the list of destinations travels to where is not advised.

Travel agents must also offer a trip to an alternative destination or still to Egypt but at a later time. In case there is a difference in value, the agency must pay a partial refund.



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