The new Univer tomato processing plant | János Mészáros /MTI

Region's largest tomato processing plant opens

August 24, 2017

The Hungarian Univer Product Co. Ltd. has opened Central Europe’s largest tomato processing plant in Kecskemét, southeast of Budapest. The Hungarian government contributed almost half of the investment costs of the project.

"Our flagship industries also include the Hungarian food industry, and accordingly it is particularly important to increase performance within this field”, Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga said at the official inauguration.

The Minister added that the most important role in the advancement of the Hungarian economy is played by those businesses that have suitable professional expertise and are capable of adapting to market requirements, which they achieve through the continuous development of their products and production methods. “This is why the Government launched the Large Enterprise Investment Programme in 2015, which has so far facilitated the realisation of 70 billion forints (EUR 231 million) worth of capacity-expanding investments on the part of 49 enterprises, and contributed to the creation of a total of almost 1650 new workplaces.”

Thanks to the new project, the company will be able to produce its outstanding quality tomato purees, which are competitive on both export and domestic markets, at double capacity, in addition to creating new jobs. The Hungarian government contributed to the 4.3 billion forint investment with 2.1 billion forints (EUR 7 million).


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