André d'Ales

Sicta expands in Hungary

July 21, 2017

The French automotive supplier specializing in metal foundry Sicta is on a roll implementing an about EUR 11 million project in Felsõzsolca, NE Hungary. The expansion is to create 115 new jobs. The Hungarian government – in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) – provided subsidy based on individual government decision for the project.

Sicta, a subsidiary of Citele, which is a group of companies in the automotive, energy, aviation and other industrial branches, specialized in the high-output assembly-line manufacturing of cast parts with a solid core. As a leading global supplier of the automotive industry, Sicta owns interests in France, China, Bulgaria, and Hungary, a press release by HIPA highlights.

As its main profile, Sicta Hungary works as a gravitational foundry, producing cast-aluminum turbo compressors for the automotive industry. Currently employing 380 people, Sicta has invested about EUR 30 million of its equity resources in its Hungarian operation. Over time, the venture has evolved into a strategic base and flagship of the company, not only in terms of the number of employees but also as regards manufacturing floor space. Additionally, the company has contracted an increasing number of suppliers, now cooperating with no fewer than 200 small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary.

The current development means a new manufacturing facility being built, as well as the acquisition of new machinery and tooling for the Felsõzsolca facility. All of this will result in a 45% increase in manufacturing capacity, and a boost of employee payroll to 500.

According to the President of SICTA Hungary, André d'Ales, instrumental in this process have been an investor-friendly political and tax climate, as well as the central and local governments, giving much-needed support in terms of collaboration and downright support, not to mention the excellent qualifications of the available Hungarian work force. Another factor he mentioned was the priximity of Miskolc University, with which we have established an agreement for dual training.

SICTA is a founding member of the initiative to resuscitate foundry engineering training in Hungary. As a result, there are already four students studying foundry under the Faculty of Material Science at the University of Miskolc.


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