British Ambassador Iain Lindsay at a charity run

Charity Relay Run by the British Ambassador

May 16, 2020

As a volunteer for the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, the UK Ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay, draws attention to the fact that the epidemic makes it even more necessary to support children. For his charity call, he starts a running relay of well-known public figures, with whom he will complete a distance of 221 kilometers until Children's Day, that is May 31.

It is this weekend, on May 16, that Iain Lindsay would have started competing at the NN Ultrabalaton running race as a Hungarian Interchurch Aid volunteer. For the past two years, the British Ambassador has led the aid organization’s 'Don't just cheer, help!' charity running team, which collected donations for the organization’s program to support disadvantaged children.

Like many events that attract large crowds, NN Ultrabalaton was postponed to the fall of 2020 by the organizers. However, as Iain Lindsay is already leaving his posting in Budapest by October, he has decided that even if he misses the Balaton race for sure this year, he will fulfill his charity commitment: he will run his part (ten kilometers) of the 221 kms on the weekend planned for the race and launches a fundraiser for the benefit of the aid organization’s 'Hold on!' program to support children in need.

“Now, maybe there is an even greater need for collaboration than when we collected donations a year ago. Many families and children may find themselves in a difficult situation due to the economic effects of the coronavirus. The Hungarian Interchurch Aid supports more than 2,000 children nationwide on a regular basis and does not let go of their hands even in an epidemic situation,” Ambassador Lindsay is quoted in the aid organization’s report.

In a social media call, he addressed – in Hungarian – several public figures and celebrities he had met during his years in Budapest, who were themselves enthusiastic runners. The Ambassador asked them to help. Among the invited runners are members of the government and athletes.


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