Festive Budapest Book Week 2018 | Noémi Bruzák /MTI

Festive Book Week kicks off in Budapest

June 7, 2018

Festive Book Week, the biggest celebration of contemporary Hungarian literature is being held for the 89th time this year (June 7-11). It was opened at Vörösmarty Square in downtown Budapest but satellite events are organized throughout the country.

The original dream of Hungarian author Géza Supka – for publishers, writers and readers to meet and celebrate in an unceremonious fashion – have turned into a five-day festival of book launches, discussions, book signings and concerts, with almost two hundred publishers offering their book to browse and buy. And this is only at Vörösmarty Square, Budapest, the main sites of the event. All over the country, many towns and cities are organizing their own events for the Book Week, and so does Kolozsvár (or Cluj), a city with sustantial ethnic Hungarian population in Romania.

The ceremonial opening of the Book Week took place at Vörösmarty Square. the event was opened by  writer Judit Berg will open the event. To signal the start of the festivities outside the capital, another ceremony was held at Szekszárd.


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