Gergõ Bárdi in a scene from the Hungarian short film 'Long way home' |

Hungarian movie recognized at LA Film Awards

January 3, 2018

The Hungarian short film 'Long way home' has received the 'Best Picture' title at the latest Los Angeles Film Awards. Directed Sándor Gál, the production was also named as the 'Best narrative short' film at the competition.

Shaw Jones, lead judge at the Los Angeles Film Awards described the film as follows:

"Superb. Film making at its finest. Director Sándor Gál weaves an engaging narrative with precision and ease. Long Way Home artfully examines how we can be imprisoned by our past and our present. The cinematography is outstanding. Gergõ Bárdi is phenomenal in the role of Albert. His performance is fierce but delicate. Honest, subtle and powerful."


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