Passion and knowledge in the Bedõ collection

Alica Árvay
December 11, 2010

The Kieselbach Galery has been dedicated to ‘nursing’ and scientific processing of art. Recently, they held a press conference to announce the First Hungarian Painting and Art Evaluation Office that is meant to guarantee the reliability of expert opinion to exclude fraudulent works of art.

Simultaneously with the announcement, the gallery introduced a book that is not on the market yet, about the collection of one of the most enigmatic figures among the Hungarian art collectors, Rudolf Bedõ.

Though in all his life Rudolf Bedõ was incredibly reserved, he could not keep his most exquisite taste secret. His collection is famous for its remarkable sections dedicated to Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque period. As an art collector, he was an artist himself and he is acknowledged for his unique creation: the ambience of his orchestrated arrangement of art objects, paintings, statutes and furniture. In his collection, great size canvases and small intimate spaces are also present. He spoke the language of art that is why this collection is so unique – he gave new meaning to the art objects.

The crown piece of the collection is a Rippl-Rónai painting. The famous art collector, as a consequence of a bad deal, committed suicide.

Alica Árvay

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