’University of Omniscience 2.0’ relaunched

Alica Árvay
January 17, 2011

University of Omniscience (Mindentudás Egyeteme) 2.0, a popular science lecture series has been re-launched founders, Magyar Telecom and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences launched the program’s website and Facebook profile.

The magnitude of the enterprise is well described by listing its goals: educating the population on the latest research results on various fields, to do that in an easy-to-grasp way and with internationally acknowledged scholars and scientists. The program contains 16 new lectures in Budapest and six in the countryside university cities – all of them broadcast on television.

The topics include stem cell research, mental health, the latest developments of sleep research, genomics, the challenges of astrobiology, nano-technology, sustainable energy, economic competitiveness.

The first lecture of this series was Albert-László Barabási’s lecture on January 15. He is a distinguished University Professor of Physics, directing the Center for Complex Network Research. In this lecture, he discussed the predictability of human behavior. The result is astonishing.

Diplomacy & Trade learned that later, the website of University of Omniscience 2.0 will be bilingual, all lectures will be available in English, videos will be subtitled and in case there is an interest, according to information simultaneous interpreters will ensure the pleasure of understanding for the international audience.

The slogan of the website is to ‘use your brains’. In an information society what else could be more important?


Alica Árvay

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