What do they dine at the Budapest Opera Ball in 2010? |

What Do They Dine at the Budapest Opera Ball in 2010?

Dorottya Vannai
January 27, 2010

Culinary peculiarities, special wines and champagnes are waiting the guests of Opera Ball this year. Just to get a bit of a taste: Curry scones stuffed with duck, Smoked swordfish mousse, Roasted saddle of venison in maple syrup, Soleila dessert, French-Italian cheese plate, Wines of the Szekszárd, Etyek-buda andTokaj-hegyalja region, cocktails made by famous bartender András Lajsz and Törley champagnes.

The dinner menu at the Opera Ball

The renowned Hungarian chef, Lajos Bíró chose the most suitable catering service and menu for the ball. The winner of the tender is Aréna Catering. They are going to prepare and serve the menu of Viktor Segal, another renowned and experienced chef in Budapest.


Focaccia with rocket pesto
Bacon grissini
Curry scones stuffed with duck

Menu at the Boxes:

Act I:

Cold watercress velouté with crème fraîche mousse
Smoked swordfish mousse with marinated lime and zucchini coulis
Celery with St. Agur cheese cream
Focaccia with rocket pesto and parmesan shavings

Act II:

Roasted saddle of venison in maple syrup caramelised pumpkin seed crust, pumpkin seed relish
Duo of carpaccios: thai marinated red tuna and turmeric marinated cauliflower
Supreme of pullet stuffed with baby spinach leaves, half-dried cherry tomatoes and ricotta, jellied olive
Gateau of foie gras pressed with Granny Smith apples and smoked eel, cream of green apple and fennel
Garnishes: fennel grilled with fresh ginger, jacket roasted sweet potatoes with raspberry vinegar, olive oil roasted beet with chervil

Vegetarian meal:
Bok choi in sesame oil with sesame seeds
Steamed baby fennel with shitake mushrooms
Roasted pumpkin slices with tangerine oil scented pumpkin cream
Mediterranean vegetables terrine with home-made red and green pesto
Garnishes: aubergine chips, rosemary scented kohlrabi caramelised with ginger, tapioca curry, mango polenta

Act III:
New style ‘foot of goose’ pastry (chocolate mousse and cherries) or
Soleila pastry (with mango and white chocolate)

Act IV:
Sainte Maure goat cheese - walnut with campari honey
Mature taleggio – honey-comb
St. Agur blue cheese – dried pear and apricot
Mature mimolette – red and white grape
36 month old parmesan – quince jelly with balsamic reduction

Act V.:
Segafredo coffee

Cocktails at the Opera ball

The cocktails are prepared by András Lajsz, a renowned Hungarian champion bartender – he is often called the ’conductor of cocktails’ – at the Zwack café

Margarita, Frozen Strawberry Margarita, Bloody Brain, TG Melon, Sex on the beach, Fuzzy Navel, Long Island Ice Tea, L.A. Summer, TG Déja vu, Mojito, Zombie, Bahama Mama, Apple Pie, Tequila Sunrise, Piña colada, Dominik, Caribbean sea, Banana Joe, Garden of Eden, Lady in red, Ghost rider

Wines at the Budapest Opera Ball

Ferenczi Winery
Wine region of Szekszárd

Szekszárdi Rosé 2008
This fine wine is a blending of Merlot and Zweigelt. Its colour is vivid pink. Our Rose has a flavour of fresh flowers and fruits, from cherry to briar-rose. The fruity mellow feeling continues on the palate, while its pleasant crispiness will make it time proof.

Ferenczi 1/1 Szekszárdi Cuvée 2007
It is a blending of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabarnet Franc and Zweigelt. After long seasoning in wooden casks the combination of these various type of basic wines became velvety, harmonious but exciting, middle-bodied, and complex wine. This excellent cuvée is youthful, but also substantial and fiery.

Ferenczi Cuvée 2006
This cuvée is a blending of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Zweigelt. Its colour is very intensive, deep ruby-red. It has a flavour of powerful, mellow, red fruit filled with vanilla cream in the background. It is a well-structured, full-bodied wine, which can bring the warmth of the vintage with its velvety sweet tannin and dark chocolate.

Debreczeni Winery
Wine region of Etyek-Buda and Csabdi-Vasztély

Etyek-budai Pinot Noir Rosé 2008
This excellent Rosé is made of Pinot Noir grape. Its colour is light pink. Intense aromas of fruit and  mixture of flowers which are joined on the palate with a delicious long aftertaste. Nice acid backbone, with full body and many-many playfulness.

Etyek-budai Sauvignon Blanc 2008
This wine - made of almost overripe grape - is naturally bodied with relatively high alcohol essence, but  gives fruity feeling and freshness. Intense aromas of gooseberry and  pineapple  which are joined on the palate with a delicious long aftertaste.

Andrássy Winery
Wine region of Tokaj-hegyalja

Andrássy Tokaji Szentkereszt Hárslevelû semi-dry from 2007
Andrássy Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos sweet wine from 1999

Champagnes at the Opera Ball

The champagnes of the Törley Champagne House represent this alcoholic beverage associated with both luxury and celebration. For a welcome drink, gusets are going to drink an award-winner, dry Törley Gála. Then another champagne, the Törley Nyerspezsgõ – Chardonnay will help ballroom dancers to feel the rhythm. Traditional champagne tastes are represented by Talisman, Casino and Réservé.
We can also meet a champagne master and champagne chevaliers who can answer any questions considering this special drink.

Dorottya Vannai

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