Germany expresses gratitude for 1989 opening

September 11, 2014

Germany, the German Embassy in Hungary and the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce have placed posters in Budapest and all over Hungary to say ‘Danke’ for Hungary opening its Western border before East German refugees 25 years ago.

As the new German ambassador to Hungary, Lieselore Cyrus said at this Thursday’s press conference, they deliberately chose this day for the opening of the poster campaign since “it was 25 years ago, on September 11, 1989 that East German citizens were allowed to travel from Hungary to Austria. It was with this event that this incredibly exciting and eventful summer reached its peaceful peak in the historic ‘year of miracles’. Hungarians have shown a great heart and courage in these events.”

The President of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dale A. Martin, stressed that, September 11, 1989 was first of all the victory for the Hungarians’ and East Germans’ love of freedom. “Therefore, the then actors deserve our sincere thanks and respect.”

He added that “at the same time, however, it was also this day that started all the massive social transformations that have been taking place over the past 25 years in the former Eastern Bloc countries. One of the important facets of this transformation was the radical restructuring of the economy in these countries. Today, ten countries of the region are full members in the European Union. Thanks to the market economic reforms and significant foreign investments, a substantial part the economic lag has been made up. These positive changes were given the first impulse on September 11 at the Hungarian-Austrian border.”


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