Hungarian Foreign Ministry Political Director Szabolcs Takács  informing the press | Dávid Harangozó

Hungary opens towards Latin America

March 13, 2014

On the model of its policy opening to the countries of the East, the Hungarian government plans a similar move towards Latin America. As part of this effort, Budapest will host the second Hungary – Latin America Forum this summer.

Deputy state secretary in the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Szabolcs Takács met the press this week to inform them about the government’s Latin America policy. He was of the view that the Latin American region is showing a relatively strong economic development. The middle class has expanded with a layer of 40- 50 million people in recent years, which is the guarantee of progress and also means a growing domestic market.

Takács, who is also the political director of the Foreign Ministry, pointed out that that this summer will see the the second Hungary - Latin America Forum in Budapest, aimed at enhancing the relationship with the region. The event will have great emphasis on the possible areas of cooperation, such as research and development and education.


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