Radoslaw Sikorski and János Martonyi | Dávid Harangozó

Hungary, Poland foreign ministers agree EU presidency cooperation

December 15, 2010

Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi and Radoslaw Sikorski, his Polish counterpart, met for talks on the upcoming European Union presidencies of their countries in Budapest on Wednesday, and discussed cooperation in several key areas.

The talks focused on priorities and challenges during the Hungarian and Polish presidencies next year, including Europe's cohesion policy, agriculture and financial issues, as well as energy and cooperation through the EU's Eastern Partnership program.

At a joint press conference following the talks, Martonyi called the Eastern Partnership "outstandingly important", in which Poland, one of the proponents of the programme, would have "a special role".

Sikorski pledged close cooperation with Hungary during the presidencies. Poland considers Hungary as an expert on Western Balkan issues, and will support Hungarian initiatives in that area, the Polish minister added.


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