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Stricter prosecution of drug distribution proposed

Hungary's new drug strategy will focus on prevention at the earliest ages while proposing stricter prosecution for drug dealers, a senior official at the National Resources Ministry, told the daily Népszabadság on Tuesday.


"We don't want to criminalise every drug user but the full force of the law will be directed at anyone who plays a part in distribution," Kristóf Téglásy said.

He added that most people agree that professional drug distribution must be punished.

However, "people referring to themselves as simple users must be penalised, too. They may not be trafficking but they do distribute the drugs to two or three people," Téglásy said.

"These 'small dealers' hide behind the mask of the consumer and manage to escape the law," he added.

Téglásy said government spending on harm prevention will remain about the same as last year, although he added that the syringe-exchange programme had not been effective enough and will have to be reviewed. The number of hepatitis infections has not gone down despite the efforts, either, he added.

Téglasy said his department, which is in charge of youth programs, will make proposals for the drug strategy but the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and the Interior Ministry will have the final say.



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