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EU puts on hold paying new bills to Hungary

April 28, 2014

The European Commission is not suspending the payment of development funds for Hungary, but for now, Brussels will only pay the bills submitted by 15 April until every question about the country’s new tendering system is clarified, Nándor Csepreghy, deputy state secretary responsible for development policy communication, told journalists.

In line with this information, Shirin Wheeler, spokeswoman for Johannes Hahn, the EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, said that "we need to be sure that the management and control system for the EU investments, verifications, etc. are working properly and that the administrative capacity to deal with the investments is sufficient." By this, she referred to the new, system of EU fund distribution Hungary put in place on April 1, a system that the opposition claims would give the government even more control over

Csepreghy told an extraordinary press conference today that local news portal was wrong saying that the European Commission has frozen the payment of development funds to Hungary for it found fault with This is a usual measure by Brussels and it implies no risk that Hungary will lose EU funds or even have the payment of development funds suspended for the country.

According to, the deputy state secretary acknowledged that the Commission sent a letter to Budapest in the middle of this month, requesting that no further requests for payment are made beyond 15 April until the second phase of the probe is concluded, i.e. until there is no agreement between Brussels and Budapest about the new EU fund distribution system.

There could be HUF 350 bn worth of EU payments that will not be made for now, but Csepreghy said the tender winners will not feel a thing of this procedure because they are generally paid in advance from the Hungarian budget and Budapest usually sends the bills to Brussels with a three-month delay.


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